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Symptoms are the Result of a Problem

What symptoms are you struggling with? Headaches, fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, bloating, inflammation? Or maybe you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or fibromyalgia.

The list of chronic illness and disease continues to grow and it is important we know how to address these symptoms for better results and to improve our quality of life. The symptoms we feel are our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and that there is an internal systemic imbalance.

You may have been trying to treat these symptoms or illnesses and have had very little to no results. We have been taught to treat the symptoms- and by doing so we are only masking the messages our bodies are sending to us. Chronic disease or illness does not happen over night. It is a slow build up or overload of toxins that the body is trying to relentlessly fight and eliminate.

Each and every day we are exposed to pesticides, electromagnetic fields, heavy metals, gut bugs, pollution and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Additionally, our diets have excess amounts of caffeine, sugar, and fried or processed foods. The consumption of these harmful toxins take a toll on our body and its’ defenses, which eventually results in poor health. It is also important to highlight that stress, poor sleep, emotions, hormones, and antibiotics continuously add to our toxic load. This overflow of toxins results in symptoms which we label as an illness or disease and then we medicate- ignoring the underlying root cause for why we are experiencing the symptoms.

The symptoms aren’t the problem. Of course no one wants to experience symptoms, they are not fun and disrupt our lives. However, the symptoms our bodies are experiencing are a result of a deeper root cause. Our bodies are incredible- they want to help you heal. Suppressing the symptoms will not lead to long term healing and balance within the body. By only treating the symptoms you are ignoring that your body is imbalanced and there is an underlying root cause issue. To get down to the root cause and live a life of overall wellbeing and balance, we must ask ourselves the “why”- “Why is my body feeling this way and what could be causing this?”

If this was helpful to you or could help someone you know please share this blog and stay tuned for future blog posts on toxins, gut health, diet, stress, and supplements from an Integrative Health approach.

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