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An Introduction to Integrative Health

Integrative Health is a comprehensive holistic approach to healthcare and wellbeing. This form of healthcare is dedicated to treating the person as a whole to make use of all appropriate therapeutic modalities. Integrative Health Practitioners embrace the mind-body connection and focus on the relationship between mental and physical health.

Integrative Health Practitioners believe that everyone can and will get better when they discover their underlying root cause of health imbalances. Our bodies have the ability to become “imbalanced” over time, these imbalances then lead to symptoms which we then label as “disease” in the body. When we are suffering we turn to traditional treatments to help ease our symptoms, sometimes with success and other times without success. These traditional treatments usually mask our symptoms, and we are not getting down to the root cause or why we are suffering.

Integrative Health Practitioners firmly believe that it is our job to treat the entire body and discover the imbalances clients have that are leading to their suffering. We work together closely with clients to fix chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalances, gut or digestive-based issues, immune system dysfunction, depression, and anxiety. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" treatment plan, instead we take an integrative approach. We believe in all forms of treatment for our clients- natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, whole food based nutrition, rest, exercise, acupuncture, meditation, and much more. Our mission is to balance the human body, and work with our clients to bring awareness about how our psychology affects our physiology and how our physiology affects our psychology.

Incorporating both integrative health and mental health counseling into our practice gives our clients the ability to work towards overall wellness, by taking an approach to their treatment that focuses on the entire body. By addressing all aspects of the client we are able to get to the underlying root cause of their symptoms and begin to heal for total and overall wellbeing.

If you or someone you know may be interested in this treatment approach stay tuned for future blog posts or contact our office to schedule an appointment with Licensed Professional Counselor, Jaclyn Ciampolillo, who specializes in Integrative Health.

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