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Dr. Lindsay Klimik has worked with teams around the world, from the pharmaceutical industry, to woman’s prison reform, to government accounting, to help them create a dramatic shift in their trajectory and to achieve what was previously impossible. 


Through business-to-business consultation, Dr. Klimik seeks to improve employee wellness, build connection, clarify values and purpose, create breakthroughs, and transform industry. 


Dr. Klimik supports teams in understanding their “blindspots” or the unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior they have that are impeding their work together. By providing a framework for understanding the way the human brain works, teams are able to recognize their ways of being that are stopping them from taking their work and lives to the next level.  Dr. Klimik helps teams find clarity around what they want to achieve and why their work matters, helping to motivate, inspire, and recharge.  Teams will become united in a common goal and develop a roadmap for making it a reality.  

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